FARO Focus3D x330 Scanner

The  technology behind the Focus3D X 330 is simple. First, the laser scanner  emits a laser beam from a rotating mirror out towards the area being  scanned. Then the unit distributes the laser beam at a vertical range of 300 degrees and a horizontal range of 360 degrees. The laser beam is then reflected back to the scanner by objects in its path. The distance to the objects defining an area is calculated as well as their relative vertical and  horizontal angles. The data is captured and transmitted via WLAN for  calculating precise 3D renderings.


  • Extended Scanning - 330m Range
  • Easy Positioning - Integrated GPS Receiver
  • Outdoor Scanning Capability
  • The Focus3D X 330 delivers extraordinary scan data quality with very low noise.
  • An electronic compass is includedl
  • Height Sensor (Altimeter)
  • Dual Axis Compensator
  • WLAN (WiFi)






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