Natural gas pipeline moisture specifications can be difficult to meet. Desiccants lower relative humidity to an acceptable level.  DryRock Superdry Desiccant is three times more effective than the more common desiccant.  Salt types, such as DryRock RD, are an excellent way to begin to control gas line freezing and meet pipeline specifications.

DryRock SD (Super Dry Desiccant) can be used by itself or in combination with DryRock RD (Regular Desiccant). In this application the natural gas flows through the DryRock RD first, removing the majority of the moisture, and then through the DryRock SD to meet specifications. The arrangement is more cost efficient because the DryRock SD lasts longer. DryRock SD is a tablet that virtually eliminates powder and broken briquettes.


DryRock SD is a tablet that has several advantages over competitive pellets and briquettes. Cost effective and lasts longer.
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Made with more than ten tons of compression.

  • Harder, denser tablets resist caking, channeling, blooming and dusting.
  • High purity means greater activity, longer life and lower dew points.
  • Convenient, easily resealable packaging.
  • Tablets virtually eliminate broken, shattered and dusted product.

DryRock RD is a salt type desiccants, are an excellent way to begin to control gas line freezing and meet pipeline specifications.
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Benefits of using Deliquescent Desiccant

Desiccants are now used to dry sales gas, fuel gas, sour gas,  "peak" gas, and for hydrate control. The operational simplicity of deliquescing desiccants offer many advantages over traditional drying methods. No permit required, its cost effective, environmentally friendly, reduces emissions of hazardous air pollutants and volatile organic compounds, zero emission dehydration, and reduces freeze ups.  Desiccant drying of fuel gas yields increased revenues by using suction gas, not sales gas for compressor fuel.  It is also well suited for remote, unmanned locations, where operators can schedule maintenance and service weekly or even monthly. This reduces total operating costs and labor requirements.


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